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Description:   The KTS project is a collective of software components written by Knowledge Technologies Studio (KT Studio) and released to the public.The components found in the KTS project come as add-ons (aka "products") for the Zope Application server.

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Collection Studio Collection Studio is a program which tracks your collectibles (coins, banknotes, stamps, posters, books) and shows the whole or partial collection with different points of view. Easy-to-use tools will help you to change information, share it with friends, allowing collection to grow... Short features: - ...

Knowledge Base Framework The Knowledge Base Framework is an extensible framework for building and deploying knowledge bases that utilizes existing relational database management systems, text indexing engines, and customer databases. It allows users to post articles containing kn

Knowledge Discovery Toolbox KDT provides domain experts with a simple interface to analyze very large graphs quickly and effectively without requiring knowledge of the underlying graph representation or algorithms. It provides a Python interface and can run on clusters. Python interfaceC++ backend that can run on clusters with ...

Ogre Studio Ogre Studio is a complete DCC tool/editor for use with the OGRE engine. Ogre Studio is a moduler, plugin based DCC tool that allows graphical scene editing, text/script editing with syntax highlighting and remote debugging support, and many more features

Perl Knowledge Base Provides information management for both customers/users and developers in an easy-to-use knowledge base format.

Puppy Studio Rebuild Puppy Studio comes with realtime kernel and hyper-lowlatency audio recording. The goal of this project is to find the complete source tree for these isos.

Sherman Studio Toolbox The Sherman Studio Toolbox is a set of scripts and tools for the production of visual effects and computer generated animation. It includes a distributed render queueing system with sophisticated resource allocation and reporting features.

UVC for Delphi/BCB/RAD Studio 2010/XE UVC is a BSD socket 1.1 compatible component for Delphi6+/BCB6+ and RAD Studio. Usage based on Delphi6 SocketServer But Improved and Added many Features: multiple ThreadingModel, SOCKS, state Context, Use tmRequestPerThread for 2k+ TCP Connections

AVR Studio Memory Generator A small java program, which can be used for generating random memory segments. Those segments can be uploaded to AVR Simulator for educational use. Generate AVR Studio compatible .hex memory filesSpecify starting address and amount of 8 bit data segments to generateGenerates random segmentsGreat for ...

Visual Studio 2010 QT Integration Visual Studio QT Integration Visual Studio QT Debugger definitions Visual Studio QT Addin Visual Studio QT build customizations Visual Studio MOC QRC QUI Integration Automatic QT Setting initialisation QT Debugger DefinitionsQT AddinQT Build Customizations

Knowledge Mapper Produce alphabetical index for document repository using SWISH-E. Index files are analysed with WordNet to produce a theme list, which is used for searches to find documents. Theme words in documents are automatically hyperlinked to a list of references.

Knowledge filesystem for NetBSD KFS is an intelligent filesystem for the NetBSD operating system. KFS can intelligently classify and automatically sort data based on plugins. It consists of a userland and kernel component ( a layered filesystem) interacting with each other to manage th

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